Haneda to Hakuba

Below are four ways to get from Haneda Airport to Hakuba. If you are looking for ease, we recommend the Express Train + Shinkansen (bullet train) + bus combo.


Express Train + Local Train + Shinkansen

Quite a few transfers, but it isn’t too difficult if you do not have lots of luggage. Estimated time and cost: 3.5 hours, ¥10,410.


  • Haneda Airport as well, and all you need to do is catch the Keikyu Airport Limited Express to Shinagawa Station and change to the Yamanote Line to Tokyo Station.
  • Take the Shinkansen (bullet train) from Tokyo Station to Nagano Station. There are four classes of Shinkansen seating: Non-reserved (¥7,680), reserved (¥8,200), Green Class (¥10,770), and Gran Class (¥13,860). We suggest avoiding non-reserved seating all together, so that you are guaranteed a seat, however if you do plan on taking Non-reserved Shinkansen we suggest arriving at least 30 min prior to departure for a better chance at getting a seat (otherwise you’ll be standing for 2 hours). For precise time, fares and platform numbers click here.
  • At Nagano Station, go to the East Exit and find bus stop #26 on the ground level. This bus goes from Nagano Station to Hakuba roughly every hour from 08:20 to 20:00, taking around 1 hour and costing ¥1,800 per adult and ¥900 per child. For the bus timetable click here. If you miss the last departing bus at 20:00, your only option to get to Hakuba is by taking a taxi (roughly ¥21,000).

Direct Bus

A company called Nagano Snow Shuttle runs two direct busses, leaving at 07:30 and 13:30, from Haneda Airport all the way to Hakuba Happo Bus Terminal. We suggest pre-booking these buses, which can be done so on their website. Estimated time and cost: 4-5 hours, depending on traffic, ¥9,600 per person.

Shared or Chartered Taxi

There are now two taxi companies – Alpico Taxi and Chuo Taxi – that offer a chartered taxi service from Haneda Airport to Hakuba. They arrange for a Toyota HiAce van ready and waiting for your party at the airport and transferring you to the front door of Happo Apartments. Estimated time and cost: 5 to 6 hours, ¥111,300 for the chartered jumbo taxi.

Alpico Taxi: ¥144,000

Chuo Taxi: ¥111,300

  • For groups of 7 adults or more, the taxi is chartered, meaning your taxi is private and there is no waiting for other passengers.
  • Groups smaller than 7 adults can secure a chartered taxi by paying the rate for 7 adults, thus ensuring that you do not need to wait for any other parties. Only Chuo Taxi offers the shared taxi at a rate of ¥15,900 for adults, ¥11,800 for children 12 and under and ¥6,100 for children 6 and under.


Having a car can be very convenient and cheap, depending on the size of your group. We recommend Toyota Rent a Car based on price and reliability. Estimated travel time: 3.25 hours, ¥25,320 per vehicle (¥18,000 per day and ¥7,320 in tolls)

Things to remember:

  • You will need to reserve winter tires as a special option with availability depending on the pick-up location

You will not be able to rent a car without a valid International Driver’s Permit